About Israel

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The traveler to Israel walks through history: from windswept crusader castles to ports where seamen, pilgrims and famous travelers spent some time and then moved on; from desert landscapes that were home to traveling tribes, half-forgotten armies and merchants in camel caravans, to sheikhs’ tombs with whitened domes, silent monasteries and ancient synagogues decorated with colorful mosaics.

The State of Israel was created in the Land of Israel which was promised to the People of Israel according to Jewish tradition. It was where Jesus, the Christian Messiah, was born and the place where Mohammed, the Muslim Prophet, ascended to heaven. The meeting place of three continents and two seas, the country is a skein of cultures, customs and traditions, a country that was home to many people, cultures and changing religions. On the crossroads of ancient routes of commerce, the land also saw waves of conquering armies: the Canaanites, Hebrews, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Crusaders, Ottoman Turks and the British, made this much-desired small country into a battlefield where they strove for eminence, built fortifications, castles and royal palaces.


Facts & Figures

Official Name The State of Israel
Form of Rule Parliamentary Democracy
Capital Jerusalem
Territory 22,072 square kilometers
Population 8 million people
Distribution by Religion 75.6% Jews, 16.6% Muslim, 1.6% Christian and 1.6% Druze,

0.40% non-Arab Christians and 3.9% unclassified by religion.

Official Languages Hebrew, Arabic
Currency New Israeli Shekel
GDP per Person $35,833 (calculated according to purchasing power)
Quality of Life Classification 35th place in the world
Time Zone GMT+2
International Dialing Code 972
Internet Suffix IL


Technology Hub

Israel has become known worldwide as the “Silicon Wadi”, having more hi-tech startups than any country other than the USA; dozens of companies traded on the NASDAQ; research and development facilities of tech giants such as Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Google, HP, Philips, Cisco, Oracle, SAP and CA; and industry leaders such as Teva (pharmaceuticals), Amdocs (software), Comverse (telecom) and Checkpoint (data security). Israeli companies routinely win international contests in the startup industry; the venture capital industry is vibrant; and the per capita patent rate is the highest in the world.


Touring Israel

Israel is located in the Middle East, on the narrow region connecting Africa and Asia. The country’s geographical borders are the Mediterranean to the West, the Jordan Valley Rift to the East, Lebanon mountains to the North and Eilat Bay marking the country’s southern tip.

Although small in territory, Israel’s landscape and climate are varied. There are snow-capped mountains in the north alongside dry wildernesses in the south, and desolate areas alongside modern lively cities.

Israel’s ethnic and religious mosaic is rich and fascinating, and it has numerous cultural institutions and entertainment centers. Thanks to its rich history and sanctity for the three monotheistic religions, it has many ancient and holy sites.

Israel’s dense population does not interfere with a wealth of plants and wildlife, as well as many historical and natural attractions.

Israel offers travelers:

  • A wealth of touring opportunities, including pilgrimage journeys, resort holidays, cultural tours, water sports adventures and desert safaris
  • Luxury hotels, glamorous spas and unique restaurants. In addition to world-class Israeli hotels, almost every international hotel chain is represented in Israel
  • A central location, where Europe, Asia and Africa meet
  • Numerous connecting flights to and from all major world centers
  • Countless reasons to bring a loved one and stay a few more days


Discover Israel

Before, during and after the conference, participants and accompanying guests can enjoy a diverse choice of sightseeing tours and excursions specially tailored to highlight the magic and spectacle of Israel.

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